Heritage House
Heritage Tour

Once home to the Tainos, Spanish, English, Germans, Indians, Chinese, Portuguese and of coarse Africans . Each nationality of which their descendants are still apart of the Island’s census, makes for an Island rich in history. Our second language Patois, (English been the primary one) is second to none.Jamaica has a lot of historical Sites, old Plantation ruins and ChurchesMany of the Great houses both in use and those in ruins make for an interesting tour..

Souvenir stores with tourist around
Fern Gully Jamaican Tour

Fern Gully is one of Jamaica’s natural wonders, is a winding scenic stretch of road, which starts in Ocho Rios and runs for three miles. It was established in 1907, when an earthquake sunk one of the eight rivers in the Ocho Rios area. The river bed was later paved as a road making a shorter route into Kingston. This scenic cavern is home to over 500 different species of fern..

Tourist in ricks cafe negril
Negril City Highlights And Rick’s Cafe

Tour the quaint city, shop and take in the sights. Visit Rick’s Cafe known for its beautiful sunsets, cliff diving as well as it’s beloved beach bar. Enjoy the beautiful 7 Miles Beach. Stops include Times Square and the Craft Market, for shopping. The Blue Hole Mineral Spring in Negril is a 30 ft dive in the natural pool fed by a freshwater underground spring that is full of mineral content..

People eating outside the store
Jamaican Countryside Tour

Truly visit Jamaica. Tour a rural community where you can see women hand washing at the river or enjoy a coconut stop. Pay a visit to school children and observe the lifestyle of the Jamaican people. Oft times these areas boast their own attractions; whether it’s the oldest and largest pig in town, nature trails or the food shack that uses coals to prepare fresh, delicious country-style fare..

Tourists in Dunns River Falls
Dunns’ River Falls & Combination Tours

Climbing the 600 ft waterfall at Dunns’ River is one of the Island’s most popular activity. Here are a few combinations that pair well with Dunns’ River. Make a day of it! “Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s national treasures. Globally, it is as well known as reggae and equally stimulating..

A bar in the middle of the ocean
Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Take a ride out to this one of a kind bar on a fishing boat. Spend your day soaking up the rays from the sun deck, downing cold beer and sipping rum while chatting with the locals or other visitors. Delicious seafood dinners are prepared – fresh caught fish or lobster (if in season) – per your request; let us know if you wish to dine and we will call ahead..

a man mountain biking
Blue Mountain Cycling

A breathtaking view awaits you from the mountain top. Start off with a delicious brunch; after, you will be taken to a starting point high up the Blue Mountain and travel downhill by bicycle, through the tropical rainforest. Observe the many varieties of birds and greenery; learn of the Jamaican culture and see the Blue Mountain Plantation, home of some of the world’s best coffee (Blue Mountain Coffee)..

a man in a Bamboo Rafting
Bamboo Rafting

Enjoy a complimentary fruit punch as you languidly explore the Martha Brae River aboard your personal bamboo raft; you can make desired stops along the river to explore the lush tropical banks, enjoy a swim, or shop at a riverside vendor. Your captain will entertain you with lively folklore of the region. The tour begins in Rafter’s Village, a small town with picnic grounds, a full bar, restaurants, swimming pool, restrooms, and a souvenir shop..

Small Chariot
Good Hope Estate and Park

Originally a sugar plantation and currently a working citrus farm, this 2000 acre estate was built in 1755 and has remained unmarred; its’ original Georgian style has been preserved. Fun fact: the town of Falmouth had running water before New York City and Good Hope had the first hot water bath in the Caribbean. The Estate boasts lush greenery, scenic views and the majestic Martha Brae River.

Golf ball

Cinnamon Hill The Cinnamon Hill Golf course was built on an old sugar plantation by Hank Smedley in 1969, it underwent a brilliant redesign by Hagee & Baril in 2001. The course combines beachfront holes, ancient gravesites, cascading waterfalls, exotic flora, centuries old ruins and the skeleton of the aqueduct used to grind sugar cane in the plantation era.

Tourists on a small boat
South Coast Tours – Black River Safari & Y.S. Falls

The untamed natural South Coast is the answer to satisfy that call of the wild. Delight in this rousing Safari boat ride along the Islands’ longest navigable river; where native wildlife like crocodiles and birds can be observed in their natural swampland habitat. A delicious lunch follows, then on to Y.S. Falls, a true gem of lush relaxing gardens and natural waterfalls and pools.

Rosehall Great House
Montego Bay City Highlights & Rosehall Great House

Tour the bustling city streets & picturesque residential areas; enjoy upscale duty-free as well as craft market shopping and visit choice locations. Stops include the downtown area, “bottom road” always a lively spot (especially at nights), Richmond Hill which offers a breathtaking view of the city from high, and the famed Rose Hall Greathouse.

Souvenir stores in Jamaica
Ocho Rios City Highlights

Tour the bustling city streets, shop and take in the sights. Visit Fern Gully, an old river bed now home to more than 500 species of ferns. Next it’s Coyaba Gardens, a water garden which boasts a Museum where you can learn about the Islands’ first inhabitants and enjoy an unparalleled view of the City.

Dolphin watching show
Dolphin Cove Montego Bay

The Entrance Fee to Dolphin Cove includes: Pet the camels Interact with stingrays (pet) Hilarious Shark Show Here are a few Additional Activities:     Shark Encounter: get the chance to hold, touch, feed and explore by swimming in the same water as sharks under the careful supervision of highly trained facilitators. These sharks are slow-moving bottom-dwellers and, for the most part, harmless to humans.